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  • I received an email from, how should I respond?

    In most cases, no response is necessary to an email from If you have questions regarding the content of the email, please refer to the support contact information at the bottom of the email message.

  • My login credentials for the Merchant Center aren't working for the Admin Portal, what should I do?

    Please go to to login with your profile number.

  • I'm locked out of the Merchant Center, what should I do?

    Please contact your store manager or partner reseller.

  • My activation link expired, what should I do?

    Please use the contact email or phone number located at the bottom of the activation email to request a new activation link.

  • Why did my transaction decline?

    Many transactions are approved/not approved by the card issuing bank, not TranSafe. TranSafe works with a variety of processing networks, and each provide varying reasons for their decline responses. Sometimes they can be specific and provide responses such as Activity Limit Exceeded or Insufficient Funds. Other times their responses can be very generic such as Do Not Honor or GENERICFAIL. The best way to help understand what is causing the non-approval would be to have your customer contact their card issuing bank for further clarification on why their card is being declined.

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