Security Technologies

TranSafe provides industry-leading security features.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

TranSafe uses industry-standard, peer-reviewed strong cryptography to protect your cardholder data. When your card entry device supports P2PE, it will internally encrypt the cardholder data with a device and transaction-specific unique key that can only be decrypted by TranSafe's servers. This means your POS systems are never able to access the raw cardholder data, keeping your customer's information safe from compromise.

P2PE can be deployed in just about any environment including Retail locations, Self-service Kiosks, Pay at the Table solutions, and Call Centers.


For any system with the need to process recurring payments, issue refunds, or provide convenient customer-initiated card on file payments, tokenization is a crucial security feature. TranSafe has you covered. Please see our Tokenization page for more information.


Securing an ecommerce website can be difficult, your webserver is open to attack from the world and many precautions have to be taken to protect cardholder data. Luckily, TranSafe has made this easy and simple to implement. By using our POST protocol, your web server will never touch cardholder data, but can still fully embed the payment forms into your sites without needing to redirect users away from your site. When the user submits the payment form, the client web browser first reaches out directly to TranSafe to grab a ticket which the web server can then use to complete the payment, without ever being given the cardholder data itself.


TranSafe is a PCI Level 1 validated service provider. Please see our Attestation of Compliance.