Reliable Solutions For Every Transaction

Built from the beginning for high-availability and security, TranSafe® is a modern payment gateway service. TranSafe is deployed in multiple high-security data centers, in separate geographic locations, with real-time data replication between sites to ensure non-stop performance. And TranSafe protects card data from end-to-end, with secure point-to-point encryption and tokenization. With TranSafe, your business can accept all types of transactions for credit/debit/gift cards and ACH, via any commerce channel, through a reliable, secure, and professionally managed system.

Comprehensive Payment Processing

Competitive Pricing
Supports All Major Payment Types
PCI Level 1 Service Provider

Seamless Integration
Supports All Major Industries

Multiple Geo-diverse Datacenters

Security You Can Count On


Safely store credit card numbers and generate secure tokens to use in their place, so you can support recurring or card on file scenarios without needing to directly access the actual card number.

Point-to-Point Encryption

TranSafe uses industry-standard, peer-reviewed strong cryptography to protect your cardholder data.

Fraud Protection

TranSafe supports industry standard fraud verifications such as AVS, CVV2, and Electronic Check Verification to combat fraud and reduce chargebacks.

Compatible with Many Devices

TranSafe supports numerous card terminal devices for EMV, magnetic stripe, and contactless payments.

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