Electronic Payments Made Easy

TranSafe® is a modern payment gateway service provided by Main Street Softworks, Inc. It enables businesses to accept credit/debit/gift cards via any commerce channel through one managed system. EMV, magnetic swipe, contactless, manually-keyed, mobile and eCommerce transactions are all supported with point-to-point encryption and Tokenization for card data protection.

Industry-Leading Features

Security First

TranSafe provides industry-leading security features including P2PE, Tokenization, and additional solutions to keep cardholder data from touching merchant systems — meaning your company won't be the next headline due to a payment security breach.


Integrate your Retail, Pay at the Table, or Ecommerce solution in a matter of hours. With a robust and thoroughly documented API, code examples for multiple languages, plus SDKs for iOS and Android, TranSafe makes developing and testing your integration a breeze.

Tokenized Card Storage

Safely store credit card numbers and generate secure tokens to use in their place, so you can support recurring or card on file scenarios without needing to directly access the actual card number.

Certified with Major Processors

TranSafe is certified with the major processing organizations.

Extensive Device Support

TranSafe supports numerous card terminal devices for EMV, magnetic stripe, and contactless payments.

Seamless Integration with iOS and Android

We provide SDKs for iOS and Android so you can quickly and easily build a mobile app to interface with TranSafe.
If you'd prefer to leave that to us, you can use our own app, available for iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Get Access to the TranSafe Virtual Terminal

You can run transactions, manage recurring charges, pull up-to-the-minute reports, and much more with our web-based Virtual Terminal.