Separate TranSafe systems are available for testing and for live (production) transactions. Developers and integrators should use the test system until the application software is deployed.

TranSafe Test Server Information

The TranSafe test server can be accessed using the credentials listed below. The test server returns simulated processor host responses that can be invoked by sending transactions for specified amounts, as listed here. These test server accounts will auto-settle each day at 22:00 Eastern time (GMT -0500), and are shared by other developers, so you may observe other transactions in the report data.

Host Settings
URL: test.transafe.com
IP Address:
Port: 8665 or 443
Retail User Account
Username: test_retail:public
Password: publ1ct3st
Ecommerce User Account
Username: test_ecomm:public
Password: publ1ct3st
Restaurant User Account
Username: test_restaurant:public
Password: Pub!1ct3st
Lodging User Account
Username: test_lodging:public
Password: Pub!1ct3st
Kiosk (No CVM) User Account
Username: test_kiosk_nocvm:public
Password: Pub!1ct3st

UniTerm® Cloud Test Server Information

Host Settings
URL: uniterm.test.transafe.com
IP Address:
Port: 8123 or 443

TranSafe Portal Test Instance

A test instance of the TranSafe Portal is also provided, where you can view reports for transactions performed on the test server. You can log in to the TranSafe Portal Test Instance using the test credentials provided above, as follows:

URL: https://portal.test.transafe.com
Username: test_retail:public or test_ecomm:public
Password: publ1ct3st

Test Cards

The following test credit card numbers can be used to run transactions on our test system.

  • Visa
    Visa Personal 4111 1111 1111 1111 Exp: 07/25 CV: 999 ZIP: 32606
    Visa Corporate/Purchase 4055 0111 1111 1111 Exp: 07/25 CV: 999 ZIP: 32606
    Visa (GBR) 4008 8011 1111 1113 Exp: 07/25 CV: 999 Postal Code: SW1W 0NY
    Visa (CAN) 4002 0311 1111 1113 Exp: 07/25 CV: 999 Postal Code: M1R 0E9
  • Mastercard
    Mastercard Personal 5454 5454 5454 5454 Exp: 07/25 CV: 999 ZIP: 32606
    Mastercard Corporate/Purchase 5405 2222 2222 2226 Exp: 07/25 CV: 999 ZIP: 32606
  • Discover
    Discover 6011 0009 9550 0000 Exp: 07/25 CV: 999 ZIP: 32606
  • American Express
    American Express 3714 496353 98431 Exp: 07/25 CV: 1234 ZIP: 32606
  • JCB
    JCB 3566 0020 2014 0006 Exp: 07/25 CV: 999 ZIP: 32606
  • Gift Card
    Gift Card 6006 4909 8799 9901 693

Test Trigger Amounts

Certain dollar amounts will trigger specific responses on the TranSafe test system, to enable simulation of all kinds of potential responses while developing and testing your integration.

View Trigger Amounts