The technical documentation, API's and tools used for integrating with the Monetra software are also used for integrations with the TranSafe payment gateway service. The TranSafe/Monetra API uses simple "name/value" pairs for communicating with your application software.

  • UniTerm®

    Our UniTerm software allows you to process EMV transactions in a card-present environment. We provide extensive developer resources for UniTerm including documentation of all functionality, configuration and deployment guidance, and code examples.

  • PaymentFrame Documentation

    Download for Monetra 9 Download for Monetra 8

    PaymentFrame is a TranSafe feature that allows you to embed a secure iframe containing a payment form on an HTTPS-enabled web page. This prevents credit card data from ever touching your systems, while allowing your customers to complete seamless ecommerce transactions on your site.

  • TranSafe REST API Documentation

    TranSafe provides a robust ReST API utilizing an intuitive URL structure and simple key/value pairs for request parameters.

  • POST Protocol Documentation


    TranSafe provides a POST protocol that can be used to remove web based applications from certain PCI PA-DSS requirements. This specification documents the protocol used to connect your system(s) with TranSafe for this purpose.

    Note: For most use cases, it is preferred to use our PaymentFrame protocol (which itself uses the POST protocol) instead of using the POST protocol directly, as PaymentFrame further reduces your PCI scope.