Developer Resources

TranSafe has multiple integration options with complete documentation for our protocols.

Connecting your software to the TranSafe payment gateway service is quick and easy. The TranSafe payment gateway is powered by the Monetra® payment server, so applications that are already integrated with the Monetra API can be used with the TranSafe gateway service with few or no changes (other than the server URL and Monetra user credentials).

For new integrations with TranSafe, the technical documentation, API's and tools used for integrating with the Monetra software are also used for integrations with the TranSafe payment gateway service. The TranSafe/Monetra API uses simple "name/value" pairs for communicating with your application software. API wrappers are also provided for many popular programming languages.

Here is an example of how to perform a basic Sale transaction:

    <Trans identifier="1">

If you operate an eCommerce site or accept credit cards via mail order or telephone orders then you should consider our PCI-compliant out-of-band POST solution for Card-Not-Present transactions. You also may be interested in our PaymentFrame feature, which allows you to load a secure and customizable TranSafe-hosted payment form in an iframe on your website. This prevents credit card data from ever touching your systems.

If you are doing business in a card-present environment and you wish to process EMV transactions then you will need to use an additional integration component called UniTerm®.

Versions of UniTerm are available for all major operating systems, and can be downloaded using the links provided below:

Download the UniTerm Installer

TranSafe Transaction Processing URLs

Separate TranSafe systems are available for testing and for live (production) transactions. Developers and integrators should use the test system until the application software is deployed.

Note: In the host settings below, port 443 can be used as an alias of port 8665 to help with restrictive firewalls.

Test Server Information

The TranSafe test server can be accessed using the credentials listed below. The test server returns simulated processor host responses that can be invoked by sending transactions for specified amounts, as listed in the Loopback FAQ. These test server accounts will auto-settle each day at 22:00 Eastern time (GMT -0500), and are shared by other developers, so you may observe other transactions in the report data.

Host Settings
IP Address:
Port: 8665 or 443
Retail User Account
Username: test_retail:public
Password: publ1ct3st
Ecommerce User Account
Username: test_ecomm:public
Password: publ1ct3st

TranSafe Virtual Terminal Test Instance

A test instance of the TranSafe Virtual Terminal is also provided, where you can view reports for transactions performed on the test server. You can log in to the TranSafe Virtual Terminal Test Instance using the test credentials provided above, as follows:

Profile Number: test_retail or test_ecomm
User: public
Password: publ1ct3st

Live Server Information

Use each merchant's own TranSafe username and password together with the following settings for performing "live" (production) transactions with the TranSafe payment gateway.

Host Settings
IP Address:
Port: 8665 or 443
Host Settings for use with POST Protocol

If you are using the POST protocol to communicate with TranSafe, you must use the following settings. These settings will only work if you are using the POST protocol (not applicable for use with HTTPS-XML POST).

IP Address:
Port: 8665 or 443