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TranSafe supports numerous card terminal devices for EMV, magnetic stripe, and contactless payments.

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Card terminals must be loaded with the correct version of the required firmware and appropriate encryption keys.

Pin Debit Key Injection

The merchant's acquirer or processor help desk must specify the Key ID for the PIN key a merchant should use, and can identify which key injection services are able to provide that key.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

The TranSafe data encryption system is supported only on Ingenico devices. Other encryption systems such as Voltage and Ingenico On-Guard are also supported on some platforms; please contact the TranSafe Sales department for assistance.

The TranSafe data encryption key must be loaded in Slot 4. The key must be injected as a DEK key, not E2EE.

TranSafe data encryption keys are available from the following key injection service providers:

Key Injection Service Live Transaction Key Test Transaction Key
Ingenico 2000F6C091 20008BC878
JRs POS Depot 2000C2105A 20004161A6
TASQ 20003FBF99 2000E12FF6
The Phoenix Group 200043255E 20000DD3C4
POS Portal 200014F465 2000E86E62
ScanSource 20004DEE37 20007ECEDC
Heartland 20008647ED 2000E00956
ID Tech 2000F1EE83 (part no. IDT-KEYINJ-298) 2000AE078B (part no. IDT-KEYINJ-D23)
Equinox 20006BB47F (part no. 930294-015E) 2000139051 (part no. 930294-014E)
Anywhere Commerce 20005BB97B 2000FFF566
UCP Inc. 200017BE8E 20003D6BC7

The key injection service must activate data encryption and load the Monetra/CardShield "security file," which is provided by Ingenico and included with the RBA firmware distributions. The name of the Monetra/CardShield security file is specific to the version of RBA, and depending on the RBA release might be named with the RBA version embedded such as MON1602.PGZ instead of MONETRA.PGZ.

Please contact the TranSafe Support department if you require assistance with card terminal configuration.

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