Our new ChipTab® feature lets hospitality establishments and other merchants securely retain customers' credit card transaction data for later processing, after the final transaction amount is known—it's ideal for bars, clubs and restaurants. Using ChipTab® eliminates the security risks and inconvenience of physically retaining consumers' credit cards, while maintaining full PCI-compliant card data security. No consumer app installing or enrollment is needed.

ChipTab® works with all major credit cards and credit card processors, for EMV (chip) cards, traditional magnetic swipe cards, and contactless transactions (including Apple Pay and Google Pay, etc.), and can be integrated with any point-of-sale system. Transactions made with ChipTab® will qualify for the same interchange rates as if the card were traditionally processed.

With ChipTab®, servers using either a handheld card reader or a stationary card terminal at a POS workstation capture card data when the customer places an initial order. The card can then be immediately returned to the customer, virtually eliminating the risk of misplaced or forgotten cards. Subsequent orders are entered into the POS system as usual. When the customer is ready to depart, the POS system performs a card payment authorization request using the previously captured card data, and the transaction authorization receipt is presented to the customer for tip addition and signature, if desired. Tip adjustments can then be entered via the POS system as usual.

ChipTab® is a standard feature of the TranSafe payment gateway, available at no additional cost.