Version 9 Release

On April 18 2022, the TranSafe public test server at was upgraded to a preliminary version of our forthcoming version 9 software. This new version 9 release includes a new API, with many enhancements. Updated API documentation with improved descriptions for various parameters is now available at

While we do encourage integrators to evaluate the new API, the purpose of this notice is to recommend that you thoroughly test your existing applications against the preliminary version 9 software.

Version 9 maintains API compatibility for existing well-behaved integrations, but some integrations may be impacted by subtle changes that do not in any way conflict with the original API documentation, including, but not limited to:

  • Additional key/value pairs returned in responses
  • Different order of key/value pairs in responses
  • Additional columns returned in reports
  • Different order of columns in reports
  • Improved type-checking that may now reject invalid data in documented fields (e.g. alpha characters in numeric-only fields)

Other factors that some existing integrations may improperly rely upon include:

  • Parsing human readable response data such as the verbiage response parameter to identify a specific string. (That response verbiage may have changed, in which case that string might no longer be present.)
  • Using the "msoft" code or "phard" code return value to determine success/fail. (Integrations should use only the "code" return value for that purpose.)
  • Sending unused fields as blank or with placeholder values. (Simply omit them instead; The only reason a field should ever be sent as blank is in an Edit operation, to explicitly remove a field that was previously set.)

Much of the prior API is now implemented through an emulation layer that may internally spawn multiple tasks using the new API to complete the request. In some cases the emulation may return unexpected results if an integration uses a combination of the new API and the old API. (As an example, the tokenization subsystem in the new API has separated the tokens from the recurring schedules so that multiple schedules may be assigned to a single token. The old API did not have this concept, however, so tokens could be either recurring, installment, or card-on-file only. There is no way the emulation layer can show a single token with multiple schedules attached, because the old API does not support that concept.)

The official release of the version 9 software to production will occur on July 12, 2022. This work will occur between the hours of 4 am and 7am EDT, with an expected one hour of downtime. Please test your existing integrations before that time and report any issues you encounter to, especially if you believe your integration to be correct but it does not behave as it did previously.

- TranSafe Gateway Team